Mar 31

Exclusive Interview With Rapper Last Days

web-Last-DaysMCJ sat down with Boston’s rapper Last Days for an exclusive interview. The prolific rapper talked about up-coming projects, the state of hip-hop in Boston and more.

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Mar 25

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil Exclusively at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino


This spring, head to Las Vegas and warm up with Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil, exclusively at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Michael Jackson ONE is a sonic, tonic fusion of acrobatics, dance and visuals that provides the audience with an immersive experience into Michael’s music. Visit to get your tickets now … and now you can Step inside the creation of Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour. A documentary exclusively on Vimeo on Demand.

Mar 24

Zayd the Malik @OutlawRBG Mixtape on LiveMixtapes

Amerikkka Zayd Malik promo


Zayd Malik’s (@outlawrbg) latest mixtape has dropped on Livemixtapes hosted by @DjCassiuscain?#?DetroitDiese the #MixtapeMessiah and courtesy of @ace_bey of# A_beymanagement and as well Nuafrika Ent/OutlawRBG Worldwide

We present to you the long awaited#?ZaydTheMalikmixtape released,,,, , well as countless blogs.The Mixtape features @edidon (EdiIMean of Outlawz) and MC Eiht the Cali OG as welll as @Iffizzle_da_jizzle (Ife Jie) and @TahirRBG, with production by @SolMessiah.

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Mar 15

Dr. Umar Johnson Talks ‘Elementary Genocide 2′

Shabazz-Dr-UmarDr. Umar Johnson endorses the highly anticipated follow-up documentary, “Elementary Genocide 2: The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration. The hard-hitting message explores the problem and solutions to our current situation.

The documentary is the centerpiece of a comprehensive, cross-platform engagement campaign aimed at engaging parents, youth and educators to come together to advocate for the academic success of young men and woman. The film and campaign have the potential to spur a new kind of dialogue and action around the subtle factors that affect the success of African-American students of color.

Mar 15

Support Dr. Umar Johnson GoFundMe Campaign

Umar-GoFundMeDr. Umar Johnson is on a mission to build the Frederick Douglass & Marcus Garvey RBG International Leadership Academy for Black Boys; which will be America’s first private K-12 residential academy for African-American males based upon the principles of Traditional Afrikan Culture, Pan-Afrikan Leadership, Community Self-Determination & Cooperative Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Johnson is on an international lecture tour to raise the much needed funds to open The FDMG Academy will chiefly provide our boys with serious Manhood Training and Discipline, which will enable them to return to their communities as leaders, husbands and fathers. ?Our Agricultural Science and S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics)Program will focus upon raising up the next generation of scientists akin to Dr. George Washington Carver & Dr. Lewis Latimer.

Lets support Brother Umar by donating to this worthy cause.



Mar 03

Fundraiser Initiative For EG 2


eg2_DVD_SIDE 2


Rahiem Shabazz continues the conscience-raising dialogue generated by his acclaimed documentary Elementary Genocide: The School To Prison Pipeline with his equally hard-hitting Elementary Genocide 2: The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration. Featuring interviews with noted educator and Black psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson, Chief Juvenile Court Judge Steven C. Teske, fearless former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, former political prisoner and Black Liberation Army co-founder Dhoruba bin Wahad, popular social commentator Dr. Boyce Watkins, award-winning education reformer Dr. Steve Perry and more, The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration uncovers the true purpose of today’s educational system and how it’s failing the African child. Going beyond the school-to-prison pipeline headlines and conspiracy theories, The Board of Education Vs. The Board of Incarceration proves that something sinister is afloat by digging deep to explore its origin, its existence and how to plot its destruction to save every Black child.



EG2-promo SIDE 1
The first installment of Elementary Genocide has educated parents, teachers, and families nationwide on the injustice directed at African American and Latino youth in the public school system. With your contribution to Elementary Genocide 2: The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration we can reclaim our young men and women to ensure a better future for our youth. Elementary Genocide has proven to be an influential documentary that offers solutions to facilitate change around the country.

Feb 20

Ja-Rule: Back From The Brink


Back from the brink

Overcoming adversity isn’t as straightforward as some people may make out. And the issue seems to be magnified when you’re a global superstar with the status of Ja Rule.

Over the last year 4 years, West Coast rapper Ja Rule has seen his career hit some serious bumps. After several publicized fallouts with fellow musicians like Lil’ Mo, 50 Cent and Foxy Brown, the 38-year-old star then faced one of the biggest hurdles of his life.

In 2011 he was sentenced to 28 months in prison for tax evasion as reported by MTV. He would have to serve the majority of that sentence in the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn before eventually being released on July 28, 2013.

Upon his release many naysayers were questioning whether it was only a matter of time before Ja Rule was incarcerated again. However, this was never an option for the one time successful rapper as he was plotting his rehabilitation.

As he began to get his life back on track many expected Ja Rule to use his music as a vehicle to get him focused on the things that mattered. However, this wasn’t the case, as a chance meeting with professional poker player Phil Ivey was to change his life forever.

Ivey, who is a future Hall of Famer, has a penchant for cash games, and it was through an impromptu game, that Ja Rule happened to be present at, which brought the two together. Ever since that the two have been seen at professional tournaments together.

For a solid 12-months, Ivey was mentoring Ja Rule, helping him with all aspects of the game as Ivey traveled the world playing the sport he loves. As Ja Rule followed him, Ivey also introduced him to the realms of online gaming ? something that isn’t afforded to most Americans due to the Black Friday coo which took down all of the sites back in 2013. But in other parts of the world, this hasn’t been a problem since the first casino portal went live in 1997 through InterCasino.

This allowed Ivey to help Ja Rule with the fundamentals of the game without having external factors such as intimidation and heckling affecting the way Ja Rule perceived the game. After the aforementioned 12-months of learning, Ivey set Ja Rule loose on professional tables and the rapper has never looked back.

Since then it has even been reported that he’s launched his own official poker site off the back of his love for the game. Unfortunately, for music fans of the rapper it means that any plans of a new album have been shelved for the time being. But with this renewed focus, we’re sure it won’t be long before we see a new album from the Queens rapper.

Feb 19

New Music: DJ EFN Ft. Troy Ave, Scarface & Stalley – “Who’s Crazy?”


New leak off of DJ EFN’s upcoming project “Another Time” available March 3rd. The single, “Who’s Crazy?” features Troy Ave, Scarface and Stalley. The trio address the civil unrest that was sparked around the country in response to the senseless killings of unarmed youth. Let the revolution begin.

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