Aug 27


I been contemplating about posting this for a few days now because I do not believe in putting folks on blast, at least when its not warranted. I even requested additional information from Hobo News hoping there is no truth to this alleged situation. However, the facts are in according to the documents supplied to us and from our faithful and accurate research department.

Below is the following letter we received:

An OPEN EMAIL To Hip Hop Weekly Representatives, Brownstein & Associates (Publicists), David J. Finkler (Attorney) and any other business tied to them or Raymond “BENZINO” Scott in some way.


1. Having Sex (repeatedly) with his younger sister DANIELLE from her age 15 to 18 until his father found out ( He was 33 at the time by the way.. can you spell R A P I S T?)

2. Beat his childs Mother (Ask her about having a gun to her head and being put out in the street at 3am with her infant)

3. Let the Bank Foreclose on his Mother’s House while he keeps 4 Condominums in Miami (check it out.. why don’t you do a press release for that?)

4. Squanders the income of Hip Hop Weekly on his Deceased Rap Career (Is anyone really going to buy the Hip Hop Weekly TOUR featuring Benzino?)

5. Being a terrible businessman (I’m sure he been late paying you.. or bounced checks… as drug addicts are not good with money)

*Note that Raymond EDWARD Scott aka BENZINO does not have his name in the magazine credits… Hip Hop Weekly is published by EDWARDS Media

Please feel free to research any of the above claims. Laywers and Press Agents are welcome to contact Hobo News hobonews419@gmail.com

While he is bragging on SOHH about new Multi-Million dollar buildings for his magazine Hip Hop Weekly, and driving around Miami in his Bentley with big diamonds on… his MOTHER’s house is under Foreclosure… he set her up into a bad loan so he could pull some money out and stuck her with the bill… now she will have to PACK HER THINGS AND MOVE OUT by September 5th when they put the LOCKS on the doors


1. This is the auction website that his mother’s house is listed on (Pagoda St…. scroll down)… the Auction date is September 5th


2. Here is his Mother’s address verification for you


3. Below is a copy of Benzino Tax statement going to that address… ( he still uses her address as a front ) Not altered in any way.. research more thru public records if you must.

I hope this is enough information to post the story.. maybe he’ll be embarrassed (as he should be) and make sure his mom isn’t in the street…


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  1. keshia

    You all have nothing to dig up

  2. Carlos Steel Sr.

    Maybe Danielle is Gia’s mother. and that’s where some of the anger comes from. Maybe he was told many things by, or heard many things from the family, or even witness the way his Grandmother was disrespected, that’s where he comes up with self-defense. I watched the “Love and Hip-hop Show,” When Zambino was notified about his mothers death, it was almost if as he had no clue that she was sick’. Zambino said that his Father called him to tell him that his Mother was deceased, but the Obituary said that his father is deceased, and that his mom had a companion that lives in another town, so I believe that Zambino has been estranged from his family for sometime now. I thank the Lord everyday; for my relationship that I have with him, the relationship that I had with my Parents when the were with us, no regrets, and my Family, I am also thankful for.

  3. latoya patcher

    I do not believe this story not one bit…what I will like to no is my does bloggers loves to throw celebrity under the bus. Look that man lost his mother, shot by whoever. It could be his nephew or not…because stuff be so twist up. And his mother lived In Boston..I no that is a fact…so where did newyork, newyork come from. See you can’t believe everything you read or hear.

  4. SerenityLife

    I have absolutely no idea who this individual maybe but just for the fact that he disrespected his Mom and sister like this proves to me what a sad individual he is and I pray his mother & sister can find peace with the hurt.

    You have enough proof to show that he needs HELP!

    Thank you for sharing!


    I doubt if he cares, but I’m sure people will appreciate the information and know what type of individual he is.

  6. Candy

    Seriously… if he’s that damn trifling to bang his own sister, even as a grown man, allow his mothers home to go into foreclosure, and the other numerous things you mentioned, then putting him on blast won’t bug this dude one damn bit! Which is a damn shame! I hope… truly… hope… that he does do the right thing, but i’m a bit pessimistic about this one!

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