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I was intrigued when Big Pun states, “he does not fight his friends.” Someone should show this video to Fat Joe. I wonder why he was not present? Maybe if he did not miss out on the timeless jewel from Big Pun,  Terror Squad would still be a force to reckon with and all the members would be on good terms.

The rapper known as The  Punisher takes a jab at Jay-Z in the above video when he states, “Brooklyn Nigga Is Hardcore except Jay-Z.” Although people tried to down play the beef it resurface recently this year, when Dip Set’s Capo Jim Jones screamed, “you don’t want me to talk about when Big Pun hit you in the head with that bottle.”

Out of all the rumors that surface, one online post is 99.5% true according to Left Fingers who use to roll with Roc-A-Fella back in the days and was present in the club the night of the altercation.

“I was there at Club Carbon with Jay and Sauce Money. Terror Squad was in there deep as hell and feeling themselves. We were in our own V.I.P. section and the DJ announced that Hova was in the building, the crowd went bananas. Them Terror Squad dudes started hating, yelling TERROR SQUAD’…TERROR SQUAD’ and TS runs shit. Jay-Z was visibly upset they were trying to diss him so he ordered out the bar. When the waiter came he pointed at them and said, “No more drinks for them guys.” This pissed them off and someone threw a bottle. The bottle did not hit anyone, it actually hit the wall.

I read the rumors about Pun being upset because Jay-Z beat him in all the nominations at The Source Awards. I don’t know if that is true or not. However, he was hating on Jay-Z that night for no apparent reason.  So maybe it is true. But, I don’t think Jay-Z hated him because when we got in the car they were playing…. you guessed it, Big Pun’s record and Jay-Z told the driver to turn it up. Jay-Z nodded his head the entire record and just stared out the window.  He did not say a word the entire ride until when I got dropped off I heard him tell the driver, “next stop Brooklyn.”

Someone get Jaz-O on the phone. I bet he knows the truth.

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