Sep 14

BROKE IN AMERICA: 101-Year-Old Woman Gets Evicted After 60 Years (VIDEO)

Texana Hollis, a 101-year-old mom from Detroit, was evicted from her home of 60 years after her son failed to pay numerous mortgage notices.

The AP Reports:

Texana Hollis was evicted Monday and her belongings were placed outside the home. Her son, Warren Hollis, said he didn’t pay the bill for several years and disregarded eviction notices.

“I kept it from her because I didn’t want to worry her,” Warren Hollis told WXYZ-TV for a report that aired Monday night. “I was just so sure it wasn’t going to happen.”

Wayne County Chief Deputy Treasurer David Szymanski told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the Hollises took out an adjustable-rate mortgage in 2002. A default and foreclosure notice was filed in November.

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