Aug 09

“Fuck it, let the Fish-burne..

“Fuck it, let the Fish-burne/ red or green pill, you live and you learn.” -Jay-z

By now many of you seen the explicit pictures of Laurence Fishburne’s daughter invading the internet, with such description as WHOREpheus. Not quite the ode, Morpheus played by Fishburne would want to be associated with.

I could not make sense of the situation, so I personally decided not to post the racy pictures of her performing lewd acts . I received said pictures in advance of the release of her much talked about sex-tape.

In her first interview since the public became aware of her desire to take the porn industry by storm, Montana reveals Brian Pumper took advantage of her and why she is no longer in contact with him. After doing some research I discovered that Brian is a shrewd businessman who released his sex tape Phattys Rhymes & Dimes 14 two weeks before Vivid’s release on Aug. 18. Thereby, cutting in on their profit and the notoriety already gained from the publicity. I believed this created a strain on the loving business relationship between the two.

Peep the interview Montanta Fishburne did with Black Voices:

BV: Now what’s your association with Brian Pumper? He’s saying that you have another movie coming out?

MF: I did a music video for him, but with my porn career, I’m focusing on Montana Fishburne with Vivid. That’s what it is. The whole Brian Pumper thing, I look at it as a mistake honestly. And I’m trying to get away from that and focus on Vivid and the release of this movie.

BV: So were you known as Chippy D when you were with him?

MF: No, that was for a music video. I knew him and that was it.

BV: Do you think Brian Pumper will have a rap career now that he has a video out?

MF: No, I don’t think his music appeals to the mainstream.

BV: When are we going to see you and him in action?

MF: Me and Brian are no longer in contact.

BV: Do you think he’s exploiting you?

MF: Yes, I feel taken advantage by Brian Pumper. I don’t really want to go into details about the situation. Jeremy [Greene, an aspiring porn actor], he feels for me, he knows how I feel about it. He has talked to Brian, and they have dealt with each other, because I don’t even want to deal with him anymore. I’m not in contact with Brian Pumper, and I’m just trying to get rid of the situation


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  1. Playboy69

    Montana is a WHORE!!!..Brian Pumper is a GENIUS!…Enough Said!

    1. mykkal

      i don't think she's a whore. I think she might just be naive and very desperate.

  2. mykkal

    Pumper kinda has a name for being shady. He lost his first contract after faking a Clamydia test for some random chick he bought in the business.

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