Sep 14

Lil Boosie Speaks Out from Prison

Lil Boosie finally speaks out in an exclusive interview with AHH. The incarcerated rapper maintains his innocence and acknowledge those who supported the jailed rapper.

Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, was sentenced to prison after police arrested the rapper in October 2008 and found marijuana and a gun in his vehicle.

In June of 2010, as he was serving his sentence for the guns and drugs, the district attorney’s office indicted Lil Boosie on 1st degree murder charges, for allegedly hiring gunmen to shoot and kill a 35-year-old Baton Rogue man named Terry Boyd in December of 2009.

Lil Boosie claimed the charges against him were the result of a conspiracy against Hip-Hop music.

“I’m innocent; I’m completely innocent” stated the rapper. “My situation is one that is unjust, unfair and based on an attack against hip-hop and rap as a whole.”

Incarcerated will contain all new tracks that Boosie recorded just days before he surrendered to authorities in November of 2009.

Additionally, Lil Boosie has reconnected with his Trill Entertainment label to release a new compilation CD this October.

The first single is titled “Turn Tha Beat Up” and funds from the projects will go to the legal defense fund for Boosie and the other men that have been indicted.

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  1. nicci

    lil boosie did not do none of that bs. they wanted him to sell his soul and when he wasent going out they say some shit like this. but they got him to sell his soul but forgetting god knows his heart and if he wanted to he can try to get shit right with god any things possible when it comes to the lord. i have faith and he is in my prayers even if i didnt know him, it feels like it ….

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