Aug 18

MC Hammer’s Son Booby Hammer Releases “Booby Hammer is The Name”

Hammer is back, but its not Hammer Time! It’s Booby’s time and the young son of MC Hammer is going to annihilate the game. At least, that is what he says in his rap. You might all remember his appearance on Run, Run. The song in which MC Hammer disses Jay-Z.
Booby Hammer is The Name - by HAMMERMAN


  1. malaysia resor

    hello! i’m at work currently so i did not have time to check out all of the post, but i do enjoy the stuff i read and will read more on the blog when i get back home.. I got a lot of things to complete at work :p do you have an account on twitter? ;) Regards, Dowden

    1. RashaEntertainment.com

      Yes… You can follow me on Twitter @RahiemShabazz

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