Jul 25


This did not make the local news from some reason and I can’t understand why. I just got word that rapper Black Magic of Big Cat Records was murdered last week on Simpson Road in Atlanta.
Black Magic was prominently featured on several underground mixtapes, but it was his standout verse on Gucci Mane’s single “My Chain” that prompt the industry to take notice.

Those who knew Black Magic will confirm his street-cred and upbringing in the unruly streets of Brooklyn. In the streets of Atlanta his gun never stayed cold. From talking with one of his closest friends, I believe Black Magic knew that he would have to accept the inevitability of death or imprisonment if he continued to live the street life. According to many that knew him the rap game was his only salvation.

This is the same Simpson Road, Killer Mike spoke about on I’m On It (Kyrptonite) Chevy ridas, slangin’ powders, Simpson Rd., Dixie Hills/Diamond pressed against dat wood, candy paint, spinnin’ wheels/ . T.I. raps, on Ride Wit Mewell known dough man I got this here from Simpson Road/ Adamsville goin home to Zone 4/ Chop top flip flop shine as the chrome glow…

Many rappers speak of the notorious Simpson Road where poverty and death seems more abject than ever. To those who never venture pass the Underground, Simpson Road is just another strip in Atlanta. But, to many in the rap community and the family of Black Magic a promising rapper was murder there. R.I.P. Black Magic

If you want to send your condolence to Black Magic’s family click on the link:


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