Apr 08

Steve Harvey VS Tom Joyner

The music industry is an untamed beast and the serpents head is the radio program director who controls, who and what is played on the dial. There is no exception to the deception employed when its time to get rid of one of their on-air talent.

Several months ago here in Atlanta the #1 morning show The A-Team was disband for syndicated comedian Ricky Smiley. The powerful presence of radio is controlled by a hidden hand. Recently, Tom Joyner (The Fly Jock) who I happen to enjoy listening to was let go from Chicago’s V-103 for funnyman Steve Harvey.

Many of  Joyner’s fans were upset that after 16 years on Chicago’s V-103 Station he was abruptly let go. In an article title, ‘It’s Difficult Taking the Blame’ (ESSENCE.COM) the best selling author and actor shifted the blame to corporate heads.

We already know about Mr. Harvey pernicious ways from the late great Bernie Mack. In a one on one interview, Bernie informed readers how Steve and his publicist went behind his back and contacted the producers, telling them that Steve would be a much better fit for the role in ‘Ocean’s 11, after Bernie got the role.

I wonder if Steve did the same thing to Tom? I thought Steve was finished after the younger comedian Katt Williams tore him a new one on stage in Vegas. I guess he is looking to redeem himself on radio.


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  1. rasheda

    why are all u guys making assumptions on Steve Harvey, rumors that’s all, from what I see he’s doing more in the black comunity than a lot of other stars. How is he a man basher when he clearly is a man. Get real, Steve Harvey is trying his best to help are broken race, the best way he know how to. He have daughters and sons . He just want us as a race to try treating each other better, and come as a whole. smh! He wants to start with are black men. IT saddens me to here another black person tear down another black person. Other races see us as a whole in everything we do. Why dont we stick together.



  3. NAME

    he is Just not interesting. I am tired of Christians being so rigid! Listeners are from all backgrounds. I do not care for him. ESPECIALLY AFTER THE BERNIE MAC THING!

  4. rahiem shabazz

    Hey brother Malik…

    I did not know about that episode. I guess Steve will throw anyone under the bus. I’m going to search for the video on that incident.

  5. Malik Shabazz

    I never found Steve Harvey to be funny at all except in Kings of Comedy. I do realize that he must have a good agent/manager and/or publicist. If not he would have never have been able to get this far.
    As well, I am tired of hearing him make (in that silly Southern drawl) ignorant statements about religion like “If you don’t believe in Jesus then yous a fool & I don’t even want to talk to you”.
    I also thought that he was a sucker & punk when he tried to kiss ass by throwing Paul Mooney under the bus. This concerned a joke Paul made about Diana Ross’ child’s father ho had died. The joke might have been a little overboard and said at the worst time, but Harvey did not have to make any comments about it a few minutes after Mooney said it and walked off the stage. He is a fraud and brown nose!

  6. B-nice

    The only time Steve Harvey is funny is when he exaggerates about oldie but goodie music. Even when he was on showtime at the appollo he was not funny. I like Tom Joyner but perhaps the time has come for change. Steve Harvey is not funny and I wish they would play more music in the morning instead of talking the whole time….

  7. Patrice

    Steve Harvey is not funny at all…..leave the rest alone and get rid of his radio show!!!

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